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when someone dies at work

watch the blank eliminate all the expressions on the faces & listen to the sound of less than a pin drop--- here is where the everyday mundane...

fake eyelashes

fake eyelashes, which celebrities flicker at the camera when performing, when acting, when interviewing, when walking the catwalk & every single...

reasons to laugh

find yourself some reasons to laugh if it’s the last thing you do, regardless how goofy, nerdy, dirty, raunchy, or downright disgusting--- find a way...

ding dong! a warmonger’s dead!

ding dong, a warmonger’s dead. which warmonger? Ariel Sharon! ding dong, Ariel Sharon is dead. wake up, Sharon is dead, he’s turned to dust, a...

bluffing Iran (and so the policeman gets its way)

the world’s policeman held Iran’s neck with both hands strangling, wringing its neck like a fucking wet towel, squeezing every drop of possibility of...