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one last chance to be naïve

perhaps it was the fact that her husband had died only a year ago & on the anniversary, she found herself overwhelmed by what the doctors were...

for the cabbie to learn

what he did the 32 years before he met the woman who filled his life with a new beginning, prior to the horrible car accident that killed her two...

reminder of the dark

hard to ponder when you are awake, the casualties that you sometimes leave in your dreams. just what are the impulses in you that make you so capable...

short woman vs. a shite toothbrush

having bought the toothbrush as she had bought so many before, certainly she never thought that this one would be the one to splinter off between her...

a tale of two take out new guys

though i have been on the other side of the fence before, been that “new guy” who gets all the shit, been that “new guy” who can’t swing it fast...