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Tale of Urbina, the widow

Urbina the Widow I released my thoughts from the restrictions inflicted on me by the religion and those outdated customs. I propelled my window for...

The lottery

The Lottery Precisely having six sleeping pills from the bottle, James sat on his rickety chair leafing his diary that portrays the memorable moments...

Untold, when told

It was raining quite hard outside. I don’t know why it rained now, for me, it used to rain always when I am in love. We both were lying on her bed,...

Gabriel and the Nameless Woman

Mr. Lonely Gabriel was sitting on a shore staring at the calm and quiet sea after him. The waves push through his legs, leaving his toes wet and the...

Gabriel and his Virgin Lady

Gabriel and his Virgin Lady Gabriel was a tourist, who loves travelling and to explore deep and unsafe places without any worry on those troubles...