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Catherine Ipe

The light from his torch brightened at the letters that were carved on the chest of a tomb that revealed the name, CATHERINE IPE. They hadn’t known...

A journey with a prisoner

It was hot outside. I could see a lot of people walking through the road weary of the heat. There were cops standing in the middle of the road and...


Chances. There were many chances I had to completely quit smoking. But I never did. At each stage of my life, I continued that habit as my identity...

Blabbers of Love

Blabbers of love First love shone when she cat-walked to me With her cheeks full of pimples and the braces in her teeth Her hair was curly for her...

Maleah and the Goliath: Part I

Maleah and Goliath She paused her roam and gazed around. Her eyes surveyed the whole forest and her ears keenly listened to discover the side from...