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Time that passed

Thinking of time that passed I looked back deep to the paths I passed To many faces and to many smiles, Some showed loved so others pretended For the...

Confused extreme worlds

Take a walk through the shadows of life, by looking a the flames in others eye, by looking at the rights and sins in others walk to the hills of...

The Ravens of Portobello

The Ravens of Portobello Florentine Marxa loped slowly through the dark forest carefully not to get astray, with a flambeau in his right hand. Time...

The Ancient tax on Breast

An Ancient Tax on Breast In South India, under the Princely state of Travancore, there was a small village named Cherthala that later came part of...

The tale of Two Hands

A tale of two hands Robert drove in past the gate to his house. His house was in full darkness apart of the light from his headlight that led him to...