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I have 11 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 8733 times and 2 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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My stories

The Woman I love

I came home from work today, I normally go straight to the pub But today, I had this feeling, And I went home, I dug out the photo album, Photos of us when we were younger, Happy, Innocent, Smiling,

Even though I hate her

Looking at the monster, Lying next to me, It's eyes tight close, I longed to be free, Nurses and Doctors, Who think they know best, Tell me exactly What to do with the little pest,

A love

A love is a whisper, Trying desperately to be heard, In a world full of hatred and sadness,

Everytime, I'm sorry

Every time doors have slammed, Every time voices have risen, Every time I've wished to be somewhere else, I'm sorry,

Worth it

Various scribbled danced about the page. They were useless. No point to them, like the many before, them. I scrupled up the paper into a wrinkled ball and threw it onto the seat opposite me. _______________________________________________________________________ I looked at her. Sleeping. She looked beautiful when she was sleeping. Even more beautiful than normal. If that was possible. And she was mine. At last. Finally. Deborah. ______________________________________________________________________ "Leoni! Get down from there. You're making a fool of your self. NOW! I said sternly, as my daughter leaped and jumped about on the already packed carriage. Why was she playing up now? It was only a couple of minutes left till we had to get off. _____________________________________________________________________ A young girl started scream. I kneeled up on my seat and turned round to look. The young girl was about 6. Her mother was the mother of 5. Poor woman. The whole carriage was looking. The mother's weary, tired eyes looked around. I tried to look sympathetic, but obviously failed as she turned away and began hissing to her children. Is that what motherhood's like? Being judged, looked down upon, and tired? Lonely? Agitated? Frustrated?