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Morning Recognition

Separate the lies Can't close it once it's wide Didn't know what you were getting A way of life Pull up the slack Yesterday happened Eros ascended...

The Protection of Infany's Garb

He was slowly drowning in air He was fading away and he just didn't care He knew somewhere in his heart There had to be something better out there...

had i been asked to write the liner notes to Sigur Ros' ()

The needle falls down on the record, a thump deep in the bass, the speaker cone shakes and the sound ocean floods from my Serwin-Vegas...That alien...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

gently into the Dream

Ease me down gently into the Dream Forget what I see, forget what I've seen Hold me down softly, free me from sin All that I am, all I have ever been...


Somewhere up yonder A roll is to be called One day and on that day Rest assured I will be there I can't help it I haven't felt it But I think about...