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From my small room's skylight comes the blue, a faint streak of cloud crossing it. As my eye wanders, I lie here in early morning, conscious that you...

A New King To Rule Them All

I came to conquer, and I conquered all, Took the crown I’d wanted all along, Put it on and danced into town, My extensive family all around me. * I...

Confessions Before Leaving

Can I confess that your kiss Was like the lightest breath on the wind But warm, like the circling sun? * Can I confess that your hair Was my...

The Union That Died For Us

The Union That Died For Us Who are we to have any say? Entreaty the man with the smaa to retreat, strike up a deal for the whole of humanity. Give...

Colouring in the Gaps

As you painstakingly pick your way Following the lines on your page, Colouring in tiny patterns, piecing Together your world, it gradually emerges,...