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My First Apocalypse

Watching the helicopters flying across my screen on this night, which feels like it will last forever, I am determined to go on until I see Willard’s...

Emergency Caravan

Emergency Caravan The throb of the engine, the only sound heard, our caravan through the darkness, hundreds of miles of Arabian desert sands, some...

A Wood Pigeon Reminisces

Into the complex midst of sparrows jabbering, the sharp violence of two robins jousting, comes the master of the garden, stomach bloated, dressed in...

The Gorgeous Things on Which We Prey

I alight on your food, rub hands with glee expect you to swat me, my crass brown body, thin wings take me away rapidly, quick as an eyelash closes,...

Singing in Lockdown

I am locked down, but my brain is in hyperdrive, extended reems unfold beyond me, forgotten schemes rediscovered in the tight confines of my...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

1 Vote

Detailed but measured

Posted on Thu, 09 Apr 2020

I really like the measured opening two lines of the penultimate stanza: "The streets of Rome are empty./The tourists have all gone away." Sometimes simplicity says it best.

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Posted in Looking At Us (Hope It All Goes Away)