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A Mother's Attempted Suicide

Why did she do it? They all asked, why did she try? So silly, so much to live for, so many depending on her, so many days left, not enough hours in...

Upon Visiting Rembrandthaus

What an honour it feels to sit in your living room, gazing upon oil paintings that came from your hand, at etchings where you impressed your mark on...

We Need to Keep Our Eyes Open

The road ahead is pot-holed, broken, we need to keep our eyes wide open, concentrate on the moving tracks, never look back at what went before, just...

Trying to Remember What It Was Like

I sit quietly in a half-trance, trying to remember you separate the pages of The Daily Telegraph with a breath, scrutinising every column as though...

Taken Out of the Fight

Four sit on a bench by Hartlepool War Memorial, trying to look busy and failing. The sheer embarrassment at their unemployment and inactivity pasted...