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All on Red

You used to say I should put it on red, I often imagined placing my chips there on the green baize, disregarding care, nothing mattered in any shape...

Catching My Parents at It

Seven years old, I wake from a nightmare and creep toward Mum and Dad’s door, where a kind of sound emanates, loud, the kind I have never heard...

The Storm

Its appearance paused any thoughts that we were smarter than anyone or any invention. Created to make us grateful, we wished to improve the future of...

Igniting the Ignorant

Where are we headed? You asked the other day, said I couldn’t possibly answer that question, that maybe I didn’t want to, why would I? You stung me...
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Prelude to a Storm

How ironic – the storm starts just after you leave hospital, going back to attending to the petals in your small garden, and your tiny Yorkshire...