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Child comforting a mother

A lump in my mum’s throat as she tells me of the lump in my aunt’s breast, the years between pass across troubled eyes, her mouth struggling to...

Losing You

As the sun sinks slowly through an ever-changing sky, your eyes in the light darkened, opened to reality’s bite, cruelty of night blights the soul...

Empty Highway Home

The road is clear, but for the weather lashing down liquid intermittently, wipers doing overtime at midnight, after a John Mayall gig in Stoke,...


Odds The chances are the game’s safe, but who knows, laced with prophetic weight, I gave you grief for my indiscretion, laid it all at your door. Yet...

Elegy to Ka Channthy, Khmer Rock Star

The world changes, as if on a whim, and I watched and met a singer last week who sang of such things, of never-ending love, and of that which recedes...