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Plan Bee

I checked in to The Fox at Shipley last week and ordered a pint of Plan Bee bitter, the same for you, father, as we had a natter, of this and that,...

The Edge of a Glass

Every drop you sip from the bottle seals out another wished-for dream a little more, gives you less to work on, saps the energy needed to get through...

A Handful of Sand

Silence creeps along the road, wind sweeps grains of sand into groups, like expats trapped in a compound attempting to sustain themselves. Working...

Upon Visiting Rembrandthaus

What an honour it feels to sit in your living room, gazing upon oil paintings that came from your hand, at etchings where you impressed your mark on...

We Need to Keep Our Eyes Open

The road ahead is pot-holed, broken, we need to keep our eyes wide open, concentrate on the moving tracks, never look back at what went before, just...