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Another day at work

Herbert strolled into the office to start another workday. He sat down at his usual place before sighing. He logged on to his computer, ready to...

A last minute resolution

“What’s wrong?” asked Mick. “I’m, just thinking about my New Year’s resolution, that’s all,” replied Oscar. “I know it’s tough, thinking about what...

That time of year

Bernard hated lying. Especially to those most important to him. Not that it stopped him from doing so. He had just managed to convince his family...

Worlds Apart

In the motorway service station, Jasmine heard a scream. Jasmine cried out, “Chloe! I thought someone had died for a second there. How lovely it is...

A lesson in comedy

Earl entered the classroom full of life. “Sorry I’m late.” “Find a seat at once!” snapped the teacher Professor Charbonneau-Broussard, who looked...