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Joseph Xavier Martin

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The Iron Kinger

THE IRON KINGER Several decades ago, throughout the Northeast, there grew towering groves of American Chestnut Trees. It was an era before the blight that almost doomed the species to extinction. These noble hardwoods rose sixty to seventy feet in the air, with large umbrella-like leafy canopies, that blocked out the sun and provided welcome patches of shade from the Summer heat.

The Tiger Gun

T H E T I G E R G U N When we were children, Carl and I used to roam the wilds of Cazenovia Park, on the South side of Buffalo, N.Y. . We walked the creek banks there, exploring the fauna and flora with all the animation and wide eyed wonder of Henry Stanley searching for Lake Victoria in Africa.

Flight of the Gaels

The Flight Of The Gaels During the 1840's, the Irish scattered from their homeland, like the flight of the wild geese. Hunger and oppression prodded them, like a drover's goad, to the four corners of the earth.

The Internet, a new Rosetta Stone.

The Internet, a new Rosetta Stone. The internet has changed much more than our way of writing. It has changed substantively the very manner in which we think and express ourselves. No longer can we confidently proffer definitive positions and ideas from the splendid philosophical isolation of geography. Every written comment that we make on the internet is observed, noted and reviewed by billions of others with diverse cultures, languages and patterns of thought.

Weathering The Storm

Weathering the Storm The sun was shining brightly on Tuesday morning, the 21st of November, 2000. It reflected brilliantly off the snowy white blanket that smothered the streets and houses of Buffalo and Western New York . It was the calm after the brutal storm of the night before.