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Banks Of The Cazenovia

The Banks of The Cazenovia I grew up along the banks of this redoubtable stream in Western New York State. The people who live along this waterway are my friends and neighbors. Over the years, we have watched ice jams and floods wreak havoc on the surrounding terrain. We have also enjoyed its' languorous beauty during late summer and early fall. The history of Western New York is reflected in the growth of settlements up and down the Cazenovia, from the late 1700's to present day. The names of the towns and villages, on its banks, are reflective of America's waves of immigrants.


The Christmas Visit The wind, blowing across Lake Erie from the west, was chilling on this cold December day in Buffalo, N.Y. The snows had not yet come, but the temperature had fallen to the 20's and the air was frigid. The clouds were a dark, dirty gray and pregnant with snow that was to come.


THE CONFESSION "Bless Me Father For I have Sinned, was the opening incantation of the penitent. "Ego Te Absolve, In Nomine Patris, Filie, Spiritu, Sancti" was the muffled reply. It came both as an admonition and an inquiry, through the wooden lattice panel, of the confessional. For ease of purpose, The Priest in the middle was able to hear confessions from booths, on both sides. He had but to slide back the wooden shutter, to speak with either of us. Anonymity was hoped for by everyone, but sometimes voices had a way of carrying, in the larger churches with older members whose hearing wasn't very good.

Buffalo Bills Impeach Iraq

The Day The Buffalo Bills Impeached Iraq It was the second Saturday in December, 1999. Our football team, The Buffalo Bills, were in a shoot out with our much despised down state rivals, the New York Jets. The game was important in deciding who would get home field advantage in the coming play-offs. The spirited rivalry of the two teams goes all of the way back into the days of the American Football League in the early 1960's, when the Jets were still the New York Titans. Life as we know it came to a virtual halt in Western New York as the faithful got ready to view the contest.


The Hall of Legends Cooperstown is a small, rural village in upstate New York, just South of Utica. The rolling hills and well ordered farms that surround the town might just as easily be found in Kansas or Iowa.