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If Ebola Was A Man

If Ebola Was A Man By Kingsley Momoh If ebola was a man I'd ask him questions about his plan Why did he choose Africa to be the land To hatch his...

Why I no go thank am?

Its written in pidgin English. It talks about The Creator.


Innocently, we want to explore, what's in a kiss? Upon discovery, we want more what is all this? Can you truly give an answer? what's in a kiss?

Drunk's Poem

My Dear Bottle, Yellow, Sorry blue. How I love you for the wonderful things you do. You give me succour, Amidst troubles so numerous. You came into my life at the exit of my wife. I am so glad that you are here.

Dividends of Democracy

Events have unfolded and now we see democracy dividends do not come easily. Through trials they have gone that truly enjoy democracy today. The little we've seen cannot truly determine that democracy is all about