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Poem of the week

Thanks in part to Louis M and William W: another love poem

There’s a gap in the railings We didn’t realise was there At the end of a jitty I’ve always known Where still time stands And the burdock leaves are...
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Poem of the week


The swish of the 440’s tyres. Two chords on my headphones. Passengers’ smiles. I am now from elsewhere: No map for this place All the metaphors raise...

Old Tapes

The tapes are ragged. I listen to them morning and night. They are my shacharit, my evensong "I will be there" You sing, the hiss of time Mocking us...
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Giggling at 6, huddled under duvets, playing monkeys At 7, playing the 'N' game in the toilet - your idea, because the adults Were too stupid to...
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What happens with hope on a bank holiday

Admittedly I thought for a moment you might be the sun and the moon Hazy eastward horizons Luminescent 
- We'll dress up. I'll take you out 
- Move...