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I have 14 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Tara Morriss

My stories


I speak and you do not hear me. I listen and you do not see. The pressures of time are passing you by. Sullen and bewilderment, prisoners so sublime, over the bridge of enchantment,

A Presentation

Motivation is a consolation, future business,clientelle, people who like people, entourage of different faces, conversations, observations, information with connections,


The corn goddess looks after the harvest morn, A burst of golden yellow. The whirling leaves dominate the mature sun. Gradually she weaves her golden gown of mellow,

Three Graces

The grandfather clock stands solitary for hours. Lattice lace covers the quaint but delicate flowers. The marble mantelpiece set to fool the June; with the contrary cottage, elegant but in place,


White is the colour of an ultimate star, transformed a heavenly angel afar. Crystalised rain drops chiming to a melodic tune. Angel dust scattered over feather-light clouds