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I have 307 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 108024 times and 171 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Ashton Macaulay

My name is Ashton, I am the author of the Nick Ventner Adventures, currently available anywhere books are sold, but if you need some links:

I take most of my inspiration from a lifelong anxiety disorder that has constantly tried to convince me the world revolves around my death. Writing about death-defying situations with a humorous bend has helped me cope and produced what I feel are some interesting stories. In an age filled with plenty of non-fiction to keep us grounded, I’m trying to create literature that transports readers away to the big adventure novels of old and pokes fun at just about everything that goes bump in the night.

I live in Seattle with a true menagerie of two cats and a dog. They are featured frequently in everything I do, be it typos in my work, or strange photoshops to use as my website header. Thanks for reading!

My stories


A Woman of the Swamp 2-2 [2 of 2]

Continued from here When everything was settled, the four of them met in a cramped hallway next to the bar’s bathroom. There were only two rooms, and...

A Woman of the Swamp 2-2 [1 of 2]

Apologies, had to split this one in two again because it went over the word limit! Previous Chapter 2. An Ordinary Dive Bar It was summer in the city...

A Woman of the Swamp 2-1 [2 of 2]

Previous Chapter “Before we get there, you’re here to help us stop a rogue necromancer.” Shirley passed Nick a packed manilla folder. “They’ve been...

A Woman of the Swamp 2-1 [1 of 2]

Previous Chapter Unfortunately, this chapter is a biggun, so I had to split it in two! It's the start of Part II, so it needed some breathing room...

A Woman of the Swamp - 6

Previous Chapter 6. The Devil in the Details Six caskets lined the floor of the attic, open and accumulating dust. If anyone was locked inside, they...