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I have 90 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
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Chapter Two: Matthew

hit. Today was Sunday and he had completely forgotten. His leisurely plan of videogames and masturbation was going to have to be put on hold.
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A waning heart drifts over London’s peaks sleepy concrete that makes me remember a boy, crazier than me
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Chapter One: Daisy

The jubilee line pulls into the platform and Daisy’s mind is submerged in a single puddle of thought: This train is going too slow. If I jump, it won’t kill me.


and maybe they’ll find a piece of me they could take home to their parents and say this girl is strange but it’s easy for me to love her.
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We live in this city but our hearts belong to somewhere else. Slumped in our bedsit forgotten by the world two sad little astronauts sucking memories from a pipe.