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It's a masquerade and we all dance to a melchonic melody driven by fear as it parks We're all walking around With heavy hearts In the streets...

If words tends to fail

If words tends to fail and you can't seem to find anything worth saying you've known pain walked underneath the sprays of the rain and all you could...

Two little birds

Two little birds comes flying my way Every morning as the sun rise They'd chirp their bird song And come to play Two little birds Oh they seem so...

Jumping Castle

Jumping Castle Here I come Hippity hop Hippity top Jumping Castle Here I am Hippity hop Hippity top Orange , Yellow , Green, Purple Bouncing of the...

There's something beautiful in the clouds

There's something beautiful in the clouds , on a rainy day or on a mildly cloudy one.One thing is for sure it always prewarns us of something that's...