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Zandra Fox

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Dedicated to Helen Mirren

Spank me in the morning Spank me in the day Spank me in the evening Should I ever get away Spank me over dinner Spank me in your sleep Spank me if I'm shallow Or if I go too deep

…Film 2

I arrived in Brighton like a woman in a foreign land. I had never been to the South Coast before and was amazed at how briskly the wind blows and the accents caught me off guard somewhat.

The Sister

If you fancy one girl, you’ll probably fancy her sister, right? Well, yes, in this one case certainly.


I used to be a pornographic actress. I say that as if I was a regular on the scene, I was not.

Forcemeat Stuffing

Roll with the times and hold on for savour and kiss me right now and bugger the pud.