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I have 32 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Zandra Fox

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I awoke in the Winter night, swaddled in my featherbed. The stars lit my arms through the uncurtained windows and my toes, feet too long for this...

Indian Summer

I was on holiday, in London. A walk in Hyde Park had turned into a trudge through the kind of rain that bounces back up your trouser cuffs. That part...


It was a new text. 'Come over now. Platonic beer. I need you.' I had enough change for the bus. I showered. Upon arriving she plied me with drink...

playing with you

Ainyway, I suppose you've heard it all - that I would take as much of you as deep into my mouth and all that sort of stuff but - yeah - that's not...

Buttered Crumpets

She walked out of the room as I was waking-up, that mystery woman. Her perfume lingered on my hands and on her pillow. Her footsteps padding down the...