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Chapter Five: A Cry in the Night

Months before the huge Christmas celebration around the city of London, it was a night that many could not forget. It was a night of horror, which...

Chapter Four: The Stolen Letters of Regret

Hesitantly as Mrs. Eleanor McDaniel was beginning to leave her Victorian manor, she was suddenly ambuscades by a local journalist wanting to know the...

Chapter Three: The Falsity of Deception

In the coming months after all the strange occurrences started emerging out of nowhere. Many odd disappearances started escalate to something far...

Chapter Two: The Complete Ripostes

It was half past twelve on New Year’s Day of 1889; Inspector Sullivan was stricken with grief and filled with strong emotions after his late wife’s...

Chapter One: The Old Compton Street Murder

It was mid-autumn of October 1888. During a late afternoon, stroll in the Whitechapel District. I came upon an area that is commonly described as...