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The Oblong Problem

I was woken just after 6.00 in the morning by a hammering on my back door.

Remembering a clown

Once you’ve been a cop for a few years you’ve seen pretty much everything, nothing surprises you.

The last white man (3) - The visit to BigTown

Tariq and Inga have yet to return from BigTown. Over a month has passed and they were due back in a day or two at most.

The last white man (2) - Live from the first test

I awake to the voices of Christopher Martin Jenkins and Jonathan Agnew discussing whether the Tiflex ball is more conductive to swing.


I can’t say that I ever got on with Terrence Oblong. I found him too argumentative, objectionable, too intense. Even though we share the same genes we have little in common.