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The Roadsign Problem

I was woken at 6.15 one morning by a hammering on my back door. I quickly threw on some clothes and hurried downstairs, where Alun was pacing up and down in an agitated state.

The Capitalist Killer

I heard about the shooting on the news; 24 dead, 25 including the killer. “Fuck,” I thought, “what makes people do that?”

The Lion Problem

I was woken up just after 6.00 a.m by a call on my mobile. I knew it must be Alun, I’ve personalised the ring style so that it sounds like somebody hammering on my door.

The king’s funeral

It was a magnificent ceremony, one that the city will remember ‘til the end of days. Eighty-six priests had gathered to perform the ceremony, from every corner of the kingdom.