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I have 1256 stories published in 11 collections on the site.
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Saturday Breakfast

Saturday breakfast is how all breakfasts should be – with the option to become supper. No kitchen multi-tasking and over-the-shoulder glances at the clock.

Personal Best

Terror on the cycle (psycho) path. 50 mins dead from Bristol to Bath.


You Beast! You Beast! You vile, rotten, polluted Beast. How do you get away with it? How can you still be there? And operating with contempt for all that is decent? How can it be?

A Banker's Lament

Oh Lord, why us? We did all the right things. We cared, we planned, we furnished a comfortable home; provided an education second to none for the area, commensurate with income.

A sleepless Christmas night

Seems a long way off in either direction. A message from one solstice to another.