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Going Viral: The Day Of The Weasel (or Owl)

...As for supporting the national effort at containment and control by observing newly imposed norms at once sensible and onerous, solidarity soon...

Going Viral: Lockdown Meltdown

Ten weeks since the world went viral And I'm in a downward spiral So far tech has kept me going But my discontent is growing Had to give up going...

Going Viral: The Year Of The Snake (or Pangolin)

Nobody saw it coming (Except for science fiction writers, Hollywood, the World Health Organisation, and of course Nostradamus). Spawned once more in...

Leaving Europe - All At Sea

Defying geography, this country has set sail across the Atlantic, figuratively at least, into the flabby embrace of an impeachable president soon to...


- what the papers might say, etc. “EMERGENCY BREXIT!” -multiple headlines “When I was young and selfish, I probably would have voted Conservative...