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Sharetta Renae Robinson

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complications can be resolved questions bear witness to answers ideas contain power to be manifested emotions can be commaned and directed some...

Happy Holidays

shining blingy dazzling lights snow flakes and santas glow through the night explosions of color vibrating themes tis the season for xmas meanings...

Then and Now

I want what seems impossible to stop challenging me so, I would like to stop worrying and just let it go. There was a time when I achieved with ease...

Good Music

I heard a new song that refreshed me, and had me and my sister acting care free like little girls. I dip, she dip. She swish, I swish. She grabbed my...

I Still Love

Love's still here; I thought it had died and disappeared, it's hard to believe with what I've seen, heard, and lived. Nope, not easy to explain how I...