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Sharetta Renae Robinson

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New Breath

My friend is hurting And the family too My words are lost Pray is all I can do Condolences may comfort Hugs and tender touches may sooth Lead and...

Love Wounds

many hurts and pains many petty outfalls many broken dishes punched holes in the walls many words were said that we didnt mean failed relationships...

Not Just

Not Just F***ing Verse1 ready for take off im forecasting a safe flight away in galaxies teleporting higher heights turn up in this universe big...

F*** Boy Bitch

Fuck Boy Bitch Verse 1 wuts real these days is flaw and fake u soft and flaky pie u cake word no bond no action proof u the type i tell i hate all u...

Dont Wanna

dont wanna be a boss not tryna be in charge give commands done on demand now thats bout all i want dont wanna be a dime Kick aint no bad bitch no...