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Ruskin Narayan

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I burn slow and steady in your hands Embers aglow with the nostalgia of winters that could have been. The smell sticks to your clothes But don't...

Happy Independence Day

(Written on the occassion of Indian Independence day on 15th August ) Hello all. Good morning to all of you. 7 a.m. - As usual, my day begins with...


The curls of the’s’ and the 'e' tell me that you had a steady but hasty hand A list of summer holiday destinations, A to-do of unfinished commitments...


And sometimes you realize that old age is just the unravelling of yarn, From a beautiful old sweater, that made you look chic when you were young...

Fakebook love

I woke up with a heartache today, which might translate into a poem sometime during the day. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread they say, So I...