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I have 35 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Ruskin Narayan

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Dear Lady Sadly, I am neither a poet nor a writer Nor do I know anything about ‘true love’ All I know is lust. Since there is no way to communicate...

The lost

Carnal pleasures pummel the mind, On the streets, under the lamp post Sits the orphaned milestone

True love or is it true lust?

Stripped dreams, Naked and shivering Await. From the mist will emerge my seductress, on a black horse, In her bosom and throbbing thighs, I rekindle the fires of my lake.

Pimp and whore

Pimp of the night, I trade my happiness. Her bosom for your bed Here I go again, to meet my lovely, A whore at the crossroads Wondering which road to go on.

For You

For a fleeting moment I thought I saw you in the bamboo grove Among the tingling leaves But it was only the shadows of the branches And the mocking brush of your mekhela