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People in the train

They stand side by side Motionless Buried in their mobile phones Earphones shoved in to block out an unsuspecting “hi” or a “hello”. Exchanging...

On Trying to Write

The muse of writing sits gently on my hand For a split second And before I can soak in its colors Takes flight A fluttering, shivering butterfly Lost...


Memory is old, scarred and twisted plastic You can’t drown it, You can’t burn it You can bury it. Only for it to resurface when you dig Leaving your...


The antennae twitch in the air Reaching out for invisible meaning in the emptiness The waves of air apprising about friend, foe lover Distance height...


Alone, lost from the humdrum of the world, he sat in a dark corner of the room, watching his tears fall drop by drop on the ground and merge with the...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

1 Vote

Perfect from beginning till end

Posted on Sun, 04 Jan 2015

For me this is a new rendition of the 'beauty and the beast'. smiley

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