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Ruskin Narayan

My stories

bad poem

Standing around I watch the woods burn Dew drops of temptation, whimper and melt with the sundown. Choked embers of passion hang in the night. In the forest, Sapped memories


Written in the context of the separatist movements in Northeast India and the coverage of the same given in national and International media and by 'intellectuals'.


Hope is but an amputated limb Fissures oozing putrefied dreams Ravens scythe through my moonlit field In the shadows of the bamboo grove, I write songs of love That you spit on,

Maa (Mother)

I am sitting in class. Around me there are lots of people. Sir is delivering his lecture. I am not able to comprehend everything he is saying or maybe I don’t actually want to.


In the gathering dusk Bornali lights the lamp Under the Tulasi tree The sun dies crimson Bids farewell to the day's cacophony Freshly wiped earth Await footfalls That never will be.