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I have 5 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 4612 times and 3 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Hi Everyone. I am an amateur author hoping to develop my work. I am pretty much a fan of fantasy fiction, but I like most fiction stories, having gotten into crime, suspense, romance and a few other genres. Haven't published anything, but would love to one day, like many I'm sure. Wouldn't mind a fellow amateur to do a little back-and-forth with, if anyone is interested. Catch ya later!  

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Advent Awakening 4

When Michael spoke of a surprisingly non-sophisticated society, he wasn’t kidding. Mary was shocked. It was primarily the horse that shocked her, a...

Advent Awakening 3

She had short brown hair, ladylike eyelashes, a cute button nose, and olive skin. Her drawn breaths were slow and deep, as she slept peacefully. She...

Advent awakening 2

It was the morning after. Mary sat on the steps outside her cabin. She wore a striped woollen jumper, with tracksuit pants and ugg boots. In front of...

Advent Awakening 1

Mary woke, and as she did, she stifled the urge to emit a petrifying shriek. As though they were possessed by a demonic entity, her arms clumsily...

Advent Awakening Prologue

PROLOGUE: The facility was referred to as the Clinic. It was…apt. The small room was white. An extreme, bleaching, dazzling influence. White enough...