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I write, I post, I read, I thank... I have no agenda but the hope that if someone needs to read what I have posted, then they shall. I think that sums it up :-) Be the Light that others long for. Be blessed and stay loved.

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If you're a twitterer: @JBHAlyss   ... that stands for Just Being Honest ;-)

My stories

Starting the School Day

Being a teacher in this day and age is tough, starting from the first period of registration. The motivation for being a teacher has to come from somewhere within, a personal purpose.


Being humble is never an easy thing to do. Are we born into it? OR do we choose it? The class divide is currently expanding intensely around the world, is it possible to bridge that gap? Can love win?

One Little Flower

Buildings all around us. Billboards, concrete, tar. We live in an age where we have to find the beauty, where we have to take the time to look and see.

Around Surround

So much busy-ness / business all around... restaurants, staff rooms, malls, offices. People everywhere, yet in moments, you know your soul is on its own journey

Eish! London 9 April

My opinions on a show ... a couple of emails to get me going and a statement of who I am ...