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I have 19 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 11788 times and one story has been cherrypicked.

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My stories

Make Yourself at Home

She should have worked her way up the ladder by now. Maybe if she’d learned better social skills. Or smiled a bit more. Maybe not.

Positive Thinking - Part Two

You set your own happiness level, either consciously, or subconsciously by default.

Positive Thinking - Part One

In whatever form it may appear, all our positive thinking comes down to one thing. Wanting to find happiness.

Jamie Jones

On Saturday nights he really came alive. This was his night.

Ticket to Ride

He was forty-two years old, without a job, and a hairline that wasn't so much receding as in full retreat. The light at the end of the tunnel had long since been extinguished.