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Nudely Explore: impressions of S. Korea

I'm comfortable at home. I know what many things mean. I can read the language of the times, laugh, see and hear. I can drink a beer, feel released from my present cares.


There is nothing I could do to complete the feelings you touch, poke me, deflate me with needles of infinite calm. I see your hair burn from the downs into the evening of lids. Stilled,

Running, Trisha

Trisha was running, running, and running. She had dreamt that she was partially nude. The hair around her clitoris was being combed by the breeze outside. There were people around her, laughing.

Afternoon of a Faun

Imagine if one is unmasked: A forest with dream-lidded eyes appears. Leaves may waver in a place, but groups of clustered foliage entwine around a body that is neither yours or mine.

In Gabriel's Apartment

"Trisha?" he thought. She didn't look anything like a Trisha. Trisha was a prostitute's name. She had very direct eyes. They were kaleidoscopes, her eyes.