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I have 1022 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Seoul Garden

"You must be joking. How could you possibly know that?" Trisha asked. "I have my methods," Tim responded. "We're here."

Spirit, You are word

divine, word inscribed on the mind of God, face everlasting edge of the universe, crucified tears hung on roses, driven out of despair. mediums dare not open ears to your clear voice...

The Investigation

Cindy opened the door. "Hello. We've been expecting you."


I know they reside within me. They've obviously made a home in the country of my heart. I just don't know what they'll do once they awake. I've buried so many things in their armpits,

After Years

Again we meet without quite knowing the right words which express, which connect the things we might have felt through young, shapeless shells. We were in the lap of something so simple,