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I have 1022 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Mirrors of Ugliness

Don't Know: don't know: don't know whether the physical error I must be (the constant sense of being Outside, outside the shutters of my eyes = an imaginative construct of my brain's

Trisha's Interior Monologue

It could be true. There was in language a meaning, a truth, that I could not deny. But God told me the truth, that was a simple fact. How did I verify the truth of God though?

Gabriel's Thoughts After Therapy

The window. How had she connected that with the movies?

Trisha Analyzed

"The Directorate of Intelligence told me that I acted too quickly. The Directorate of Intelligence does not control my life. They told me to take care of the "Timothy" problem. I did.

Gabriel Analyzed

"I want to talk about my dream last night," Gabriel started. "Sounds good," his psychoanalyst responded.