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I have 1022 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Rape in 30 minutes lasts

You wonder, no matter how egotistical you were no matter how many lies you told, you wonder no matter how evil you were if you deserve that thing that keeps you locked within --

Lonely Jesus

Sometimes I feel ashamed of "I am that I am" within me. After all, I can make a human body wilt, the wind can carry away the dust. I pray to my father when I cannot listen to one more word


Breaking apart (loaves of leaves) -- liquids peeling down with applause! Horns of buttoned crystals (falling falling out of a dashed necklace )those were pearls planted above salacious loops.


A voice: a channel of sounds remurmuring through one mouth. One voice arises from a mouth as open as the moaning sea. A voice seeks another voice to sing with (A companion of breath

After the Matrix

In my mind there are pure empty constructs of divine perversion where screams personify absences terrify molds of lust, the gritty gridlocked grief of interior mechanics,