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I have 26 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Hope In A Strange Corner

A prospective entry for 100 stories for Haiti. Comments and serious criticism welcome.

Juggling For Mash

This came to me during a bout of flu. I think it shows.

Hamlet as a Limerick

Yet more Inspiration Point nonsense

The Prince as Limerick

An attempt at the Inspiration Point


28 of my comments have received 27 Great Feedback votes

1 Vote

I love the idea behind this

Posted on Thu, 20 Oct 2011

I love the idea behind this story - it's very good indeed - but I think that you could structure it very differently. Take a look at some of Roald Dahl's short horror stories and see what I mean. We need to feel how Anthony feels, to be taken along...Read full comment

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Good story, well told. A few

Posted on Mon, 04 Jul 2011

Good story, well told. A few comments though. First of all this too long to be read on a computer in one go. I suggest that you re-post it chapter by chapter - you will get a lot more readers. Secondly, it is littered with spelling and...Read full comment

Posted in NAUGHTY BUT NICE?: an éclair to die for. Full Version

1 Vote

A very late cherry is

Posted on Sat, 09 Oct 2010

A very late cherry is awarded!Read full comment

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