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I have 26 stories published in 6 collections on the site.
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Tevin C.T.

I am a writer that's also trying to make audio books of my stories. I'd love to get feedback from the writers on this site and return the favor.

My stories

Prey (3 of 5)

My feet crunched over the dead leaves as Lindsey led me through the dark woods. Night had arrived quick and we couldn't just continue wandering...

Prey (2 of 5)

I studied the slender chestnut haired girl as she walked ahead of me through the woods. She hadn't said much to me the entire time except for the...

Prey (1 of 5)

I walked as silently as possible through the woods that stood between me and my village. I always do whatever I can to be quiet enough to not attract...

Evanius Legacy "two birds with one stone"

April, Age 16 Malon City Coffee Shop After, I tracked down my sister, we all rushed off to get to her. Darryl drove there as quickly as possible so...

Evanius Legacy "Tracking"

April, Age 16 Malon City I entered the living room of my apartment and saw my friends talking amongst themselves. I didn't want to interrupt them...