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I have 788 stories published in 40 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 644891 times and 557 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Unidentified Cosmos Girl

At University I attended a free Cosmos course. The course was run by a leading Professor in the Physics Department and was aimed at the unscientific...

As a mark of respect

As a mark of respect for the passing of the late Queen Elizabeth, all notes and coins bearing her image are being recalled. If you have any notes or...

Dizzy Lizzie

After losing a drinking game with her posh friends, Dizzy Lizzie has to pay the forfeit of becoming PM of a nation in rapid decline, at the time of...

The Romance of Poverty

Candlelit dinners - we can't afford to turn the light on Sharing a bath together - or sometimes just the bathwater Holding each other close - for the...

True Tales from an Austere Kingdom - Inflation

I hailed a cab to take me to my club. "That'll be a penny guvnor, up front if you don't mind." "I do mind, actually," I said. "I am used to being...