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Thought about remembering

Thought: It's hard forgetting how someone died but it's better remembering how they lived.

The Wonder That Is We

1. Hearts in the hundreds, hungry to be free; beating like thunder; the wonder that is we. 2. Thoughts, in the thousands, of love and liberty; a rage...

The Flying Basket

The Easter bunny has a basket he gets out every Spring, that flies wherever he may ask it with handles just like wings. In it he travels round the...

An Easter Trip

In a big egg-shaped hot air balloon my cat, my dog and me flew to an Easter Egg shaped moon to find the Easter Tree. And we found that magic...

Sunbird Of Palestine

1. The Sunbird of Palestine, I won't scare away 'cause all of its colours shine; so here it can stay. In feathers like glistening foil, it's...