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I have 3629 stories published in 31 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 2490740 times and 438 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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A Pie In The Sky

1. People talk of flying saucers but I know just what I saw, sir and it was not one of those. What I saw was made of pastry and I think it looked...

Idea: Homing device security check that also catches criminals

You have a homing device/tracker that you wear so that your location is always known and recorded. Your bank only allows transactions to be made with...


Never use a honeycomb if you want to comb your hair. Though it might make a funny poem, it's not funny, I swear 'cause you'll just get all runny from...

All the world sleeps

Every night, within their nests, little birds lay down to rest. Wings, they stretch and beaks, they yawn; don't wake till the break of dawn. Little...

Eliminating System- An idea for reducing the complexity of an NP-complete problem.

Below is an idea for a system for reducing the number of hamilton circuits that a computer would have to weigh when searching for the circuit with...