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The author of Many Shades Of Grey and had a poem published at scrittura along with 50 poems for various anthologies mainly by Forward Poetry.

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Covid 19 Diaries

9 March 2021 Children at school (at last! Yeah!) On school run, I wear a fur coat which appears to be a little ananochronistic or I shall call it...

The Chipped Cup

The Chipped Cup She sings a lullaby sweet Purchased on an impulse On Camden Street (A leap towards the hip?) Now her bottom is stained Reaping the...

Today and earlier days

Today and earlier days So in the last couple of weeks, Trump administration had to admit to defeat. My very clever compatriots announced that at last...


MY NAME IS BILL My Name is Bill! The mist clears Lavender blue and lavender green Again! On the menu Creme caramel. Honeydew dreams I remember from...

06th of November

06th of November Another lockdown! Are we finally seeing the back of Trump? Though he seems to be dragging his feet like a chewing gum gone mouldy!...