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The author of Many Shades Of Grey and had a poem published at scrittura along with 50 poems for various anthologies mainly by Forward Poetry.

My stories

Vantage Point

Vantage Point The queue curls; Serpentine. Crimson faces A woman exhales! The last breath of her cigarette. Takes her place: at the tail end. Thin...


THE COMMONER There are different varieties of me In the azuline light, I swirl and twirl And sometimes become dim. Some favour Bellis Perrenis...

Paper Doll

Paper Doll She was two dimensional at first Laid flat Then folded, eyes drawn with black Lips pale pink Fragile legs took shape then speed She ran...


THE LONE SEAMAN Bivalves echo the sound of His longing for a solitary existence. Peripheral of a dark storm Of a crowd. He looks down. The seaman...

My Spirit Was Heliocentric

My spirit was heliocentric A visit to a catacomb did dim it. A quick visit, pretty please? She insisted, Grandma! They say it is ancient and Only the...