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The author of Many Shades Of Grey and had a poem published at scrittura along with 50 poems for various anthologies mainly by Forward Poetry.

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Purple I smell no Jasmines, Daisies or Geraniums this Summer Nor my soul desires the nectar of an ancient amphora Crimson riddles my skin My mind is...

Breaking Away

BREAKING AWAY I say I saw our future together. It was charred. His speech was electronically charged. Did he hear my plea? My memory is cascading...

Sid And Nancy

Sid and Nancy (dedicated to my husband who is great Sex Pistols fan) Sid is an apostrophe of a man: Wedged between characters, Waiting to be fixed ,...

Back To Medieval Times

Murderous methods of medieval minds Continue to pollute the political landscape of our planet Vitriol nests in the hearts' of greedy politicians Keep...

Isomorphic ideas verses a hermetic mind

Isomorphic ideas verses a hermetic mind Plaintive howl of a writer. Ideas in isomorphic forms Are liqudified then with a tragic Irony crystalised in...