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The author of Many Shades Of Grey and had a poem published at scrittura along with 50 poems for various anthologies mainly by Forward Poetry.

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Covid 19 Diaries- School Run

22/September/2020 Today is the official day of my work? Or was it last Friday or the Tuesday before? I will prepare a lesson for a year 10 student...

Covid 19- Running Out of Castard and Mustard

29/April/2020 Dear Readers, We went through my birthday, my husband's birthday and Easter in quarantine. We bit our tongues and remained...

Covid 19- politics and the reality

2 April 2020 The prime minister is requesting tougher measures from his isolation as I reflect back to his fascist and a psudo intellectual advisor:...

COVID April's Fools

April Fool's Day We sit down to write a poem each with our kids. My son chooses acrostic, my daughter free style; her poem mention pranksters and...

Covid 19- Gardening and The Lore

Covid 19- Gardening and The Lore My son points at an avid news piece: all BA flights to Gatwick cancelled. Husband’s contract with BA has just been...