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The author of Many Shades Of Grey and had a poem published at scrittura along with 50 poems for various anthologies mainly by Forward Poetry.

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PANDORA’S BOX Only Elpis remains, only hope remains Said Pandora. They told me it is a simple task Just open the cursed box. I did! I did! All the...


We took a private vigil for Sarah Everard who was brutally murdered. My mother on the phone warns me about meeting with friends in the park. We both...

That Olde Chestnut

That Olde Chestnut I am a chestnut tree Hard to crack! “That olde chestnut.” The hurricane barks! My leaves are green With enormous veins: Lizards'...


So my knee is swollen now which I was dreading. My GP recommended Ibu Gel (10) a couple days earlier. I caught up with my Doctor (mother friend) this...

The Elusive Art

The Elusive Art Funky Funkus For Fortunate Few Real artists won't do alliteration Modernist are we the folks Seeking adoration Post structuralism Is...